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About Me

I'm a multidisciplinary web designer with a foundation in graphic design. I have a passion for both visual and interactive design, and am driven by the gratification that comes with bringing my work to life.

Originally from New Jersey, I've resided in Vermont for the last several years, where I co-owned a web design company, Studio RGB, worked part time as an image editor, spent a year working as a civilian contractor doing web design for the VT Air Guard, and launched a handful of projects of my own. As of now, I'm back in the greater Philadelphia area, and open to freelance projects.This site serves as a professional portfolio, showcasing a mix of in-house, freelance, and personal projects. To inquire about my availability for projects, just call or shoot me an email.


HTML Photoshop WordPress
CSS Illustrator Google Analytics
JavaScript Dreamweaver SEO
jQuery InDesign Responsive Design
XML Flash Newsletter Campaigns

BBA Brochure microsite

A responsive microsite, geared primarily to mobile users, presenting video testimonials from current students and recent alumni of the Fox School of Business, used complementary to a brochure for prospective undergrad students.

Fox School of Business - Mobile site

Mobile website for the Fox School of Business. Working as part of a team to incorporate the Fox School's site into a jQuery mobile Wordpress theme, my largest influences over the project, in addition to general coding and maintenance, regarded typography, margins, the homepage banner layout, and optimizing images for retina displays where possible.

229th Course GUI & Multiple Choice Quizzes

Responsive and retina optimized courseware GUI for the VT Air Guard 229th Information Operations squadron, which teaches cyber and information ops courses to members of various military and civilian organizations as prerequisites to more advanced in-resident training. This interface is the black navigation panel which appears at the bottom of the screen in the examples below, as well as the banner above. Although the navigation panel looks largely different on each device, it's the same code, and mostly the same image sprites adjusting their selves accordingly.

The content featured inside these examples are some of the learning tools I designed and developed with JavaScript and XML, which give feedback based on answers and recommend whether or not to continue reading, or review previous course lessons before moving on.

Like many of my projects with the 229th, these knowledge checks help to break up the monotony of the course, and reduce learning fatigue. The examples shown (respectively) are a multiple choice quiz, where users select their answer before clicking continue, a drag and drop quiz using a word bank, and a command line simulator.

  • VT Air Guard 229th IOS
  • HTML, CSS (Responsive), JavaScript, XML

Cyber & Information Operations Simulation Game

A gamified training scenario demonstrating real life examples of decision making processes in which a thorough understanding of the material is crucial. In this project I was given complete creative control over the interface and asked to design with the goal of creating an illusion that the user has left the monotony of their course to enhance focus on the hypothetical scenarios at hand.

To do so, the navigation console shown at the bottom of the 229IOS course GUI was removed, and I created a highly detailed collage background in Photoshop during the composition phase, and added a script to replace the course GUI's banner with a matching color. I developed the functional interface with CSS and JavaScript, and it's both responsive and optimized for retina devices.

  • VT Air Guard 229th IOS
  • HTML, CSS (Responsive), JavaScript, XML

229th Course Registration Pages

Registration page redesign for 229IOS courses, using different banner colors for civilian vs. military courses, but otherwise maintaining consistency.

  • VT Air Guard 229th IOS

Are You an Expert? - Study Game

A tv game show-like study game accessed before final assessments during Cyber and Information Operations courses. Created using CSS and javascript, it displays multiple choice questions followed by an increase or reduction in score. As the score increases or decreases, the gauge on the left animates up or down.

Features multiple difficulty levels, and one time use aids such as "Ask the expert", a 50/50 removing two of the incorrect options, and an ability to choose a second answer.

  • VT Air Guard 229th IOS
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML

Studio RGB

Studio RGB, a web design company formed by myself and a colleague, based out of Burlington, Vermont, and in operation from winter of 2011 until fall of 2012.


A subsidiary site of Studio RGB which served as a nightlife and events calendar including a bar and restaurant guide for Burlington VT. Layout uses the Wordpress Eventure theme. My largest role in the construction of this project was in designing it's background, logo, and color scheme.

  • A Studio RGB subsidiary
  • Wordpress, Eventure Theme, misc HTML & CSS modifications

Blue Sea Design Studio

Artwork, crafts, and interior design portfolio of Laura Debona. Built using WordPress, Laura assumed control over the site after finishing the project.

  • Laura Debona (Painter / Interior Decorator)
  • Wordpress, HTML, CSS, JavaScript

Create Change Hypnosis

Brochure and ecommerce site selling hypnosis CDs and MP3 downloads for weight loss, quitting smoking, and miscellaneous self improvement.

Miscellaneous Web Graphics

Miscellaneous graphics for web use.

  • 229 IOS, Studio RGB, Accorno Acorns, Elevate Styles
  • Photoshop, Illustrator

Redesign of a flash animation demonstrating the impact of technology on communication efficiency. Created as a gif, and provided as a png as well, in an effort to replace flash media used during 229th courses.

Redesign of a flash animation demonstrating near polar orbit. Created as a gif, and provided as a png as well, in an effort to replace flash media used during 229th courses.

Chart of unified combat commands. Also a redesign of an older flash animation for the 229th.

Banner advertisments used in miscellaneous work solicitations, and as splash/banner graphics on some pages of Studio RGB's site.

Banner advertisement for a company which sells acorns in bulk.

Promotion banner for Elevate Styles holiday sales.